Mocking Bird Morning Star

The Required Essence

  • Be a Good Person
  • Be a Humble Person
  • Understand And Practice Empathy for All Living Things
  • Trash Talk is Not Truth, True Talk Is Not truth, Only Truth Is Truth
  • Silence For Gossip
  • Expect The Unexpected
  • Be the Unexpected
  • A Clear Heart Is A Clear Path
  • A Troubled Heart Is A Troubled Path
  • Intention Is The Key To Which Path Is Chosen 
  • Everything Is Connected
  • Every Connection Is A Potential Opportunity
  • Every Opportunity Is A Potential Connection
  • Any Connection Has Potential For Danger
  • A Soldier Dies But Once
  • A Thousand Deaths Makes A Soldier
  • We All Have Choices, you are guaranteed the power to Choose
  • Keep Trying, Keep Crying, Keep Dying
  • Until Your Truth Reveals Itself
  • Or You Reveal Yourself To Your Truth
  • To Walk With The Lord Is To Walk With The Devil, There is No Good Without Bad, There Is No Bad Without Good, This Is True Harmony
  • Good Or Bad Is Neither Right Or Wrong, Right Or Wrong Is Balanced By Both Good And Bad
  • Your Spirit Chooses Your Path, When Your Spirit Decides Then Your Heart Follows.

As We Become, They will Decease...

Angels look after Demons, Demons Look After Angels, Demons And Angels Are From The Same Family, As We Know One Sibling Will Fight With Another Sibling and Vise Versa But Also We Know That Both Will Unite To Fight A Foreign Entity... And This Will Come To Pass.