Albert Apiata

19 Blockhousebay Rd, Waterview, Auckland
021 968 610

DOB: 17/11/1966 (54)

Motivated, experienced, great people skills, sense of humour, a desire to help, never say die attitude to lifes challenges.


Please excuse this quickly put together CV, i have experience in a lot of different areas, for example i have experience in spray painting, plastic welding, cabinet making and for the last 20 years i have experience in graphic and web design, along with that i have learned good communication skills with all types of people and personalities.

I still currently have my own design company as a reseller to this operates as but currently i am not active in seeking new work from this as my focus and desire has moved to other areas which is why i am interested in applying for this position.

I do not have any certification in horticulture but i can drive manual, i have no problem operating small machinery, i have no problem with hard work, i can work alone and also a good team player... i am (reasonably) fit and healthy, i cycle a lot and am a proud member of the Miadawest gym... and i have over the years worked in different aspects lawn maintenance. 

There are a few projects i am currently working on, one of them being the main focus of this website (still WIP) and the reason why im very interested in seeking this position... i think this page might give more insight


  • 2nd year 5th

  • Graphic Design Degree AUT

Work Experience

Sorry my memory is vague on exact dates, i have had many jobs over the years, below might be considered  significant.

Plastic Welder -  Bumper Repair (Bryce Sommerville Panelbeaters) - Birkenhead 
2 years 1986 to 1987 (ish)

Worked for Barry Southgate Bumber repairs, primary job was plastic welding spray painting. 

Cabinet Maker - 3D Products North Shore
about 10 years from 1988 to 1998 (ish)

The making of school furniture using MDF, experience with table saws, routers, nail guns etc etc.

Web Designer -
about 19years - 2001 to 2019

Webdesign, Graphic design, customer consultation, phone email support

Awards & Acknowledgements

Northcote Tiger of the year 1995 (reserve grade)